Please note that the Terms of Sale for this public auction differ from those of our usual mail-bid and online sales and that bidders should be aware of the following.
1. This is a public auction and online mail-bid sale. All lots will be sold to the highest bidder. Mail bids (as well as those relayed by fax, email or phone) will be treated as limits and lots will be purchased below these limits where competition permits. Lots will be sold on the date indicated.
2. Absentee bidders should be mindful that bids submitted in irregular increments may be rounded to a lower bid to comply with the auctioneer’s established bidding increments.
3. Unless exempt by law, the buyer will be required to pay, on the total purchase price, the established Maryland sales tax or any applicable compensating use tax of any other state. Lots delivered in Ohio will be subject to 7.5% sales tax.
4. All floor sales are final. No lots may be returned for any reason by floor buyers. Any claims for adjustment by mail bidders must be made within three days after receipt of lots purchased. No lots may be returned without our written permission. By submitting bids you agree to the Terms of Sale herewith set forth.
5. Bidders unknown to us must supply acceptable credit references or a 25% deposit to assure entry of their bids.
6. This is a reserve auction. The estimates of value are intended solely as a guide. Generally, bidding will start at two-thirds of ?estimate.
7. An eighteen percent buyer’s premium will be added to the cost of all lots purchased. There is no additional charge or commission for executing your bids.
8. We reserve the right to withdraw any lot prior to sale for any reason.
9. All postage, insurance and shipping charges will be added to your invoice. There will be a $5.00 charge per lot for processing. A late payment fee of 2% per month will be charged on accounts remaining unpaid 30 days after the sale.
10. Terms of this sale are strictly cash in United States funds. Foreign payments must be made in dollars. All checks must be drawn on United States banks, must have electronic encoding, and all bank charges must be paid by the sender. Payments may also be made directly to our bank. Details will be provided upon request. Invoices may be paid by credit card or PayPal, but the bidder agrees to pay a 3% bank fee for doing so.
11. Lots to be mailed to addresses not in the United States or its Territories will be sent only at the risk of the purchaser. When possible, insurance or registration will be obtained.
12. Title to all lots remains with the owner until paid for in full. Payment must be made immediately upon notification or upon receipt of material. The discretionary right to withhold delivery of lots until full payment has been received is reserved.
13. All books are as described. We acknowledge the possibility of errors or typographical mistakes, and any errors on our part will be cheerfully corrected. We cannot be responsible for your errors; please check your bid sheet carefully.
14. Kolbe & Fanning Numismatic Booksellers LLC are licensed by the State of Ohio Department of Agriculture (license 2011000028) as an auction firm, and are bonded as required by law in favor of the State of Ohio.